The Gunbuster is the most technologically advanced weapon ever created by mankind with the exception of Buster
Machine 3
, also known as the Black Hole Bomb. It is also incidentally the largest robot ever featured in an anime
series. Made up of two separate fighting vehicles, called
Buster Machines, the robot is virtually unstoppable. Its
weapons platforms are astounding, both offensive and defensive arrays. In addition to an impregnable force field,
Gunbuster's primary offensive weapon is a head mounted laser cannon which can pretty much cut through anything it
hits. It also has hand mounted lasers which have the ability to track and engage multiple targets at once, and by
computer assistance, separating the beam and destroying each assigned target. In effect, it is a homing laser. The
Gunbuster can also rip through targets by smashing down into them by using specially designed treads built into its feet.
In addition to these abilities, the machine can launch missiles from its finger tips which deliver a mighty kinetic impact.
These are in addition to the hand mounted lasers as well as energy cannons on the arms, legs, and main part of the
body. At the forearms and legs are massive electrodes which can be used to decimate an enemy into oblivion. These
are called the
Buster Colliders. When used in tandem with its Inertial Canceller, the Gunbuster becomes an enemy not
to be reckoned with.
At its heart piloting the machine, Gunbuster is controlled by Noriko Takaya and Kazumi Amano. Noriko handles the job
of using the robot's massive weapons arrays and piloting while Kazumi handles navigation, target aquisition, and
firearms control. Noriko's job is further enhanced by the cockpit in which she sits. It is a spherical type of control center
which is finely tuned to Noriko's thought patterns. This is also enhanced by numerous virtual reality computers which
give Noriko the ability to feel as if she is in the middle of the action. Noriko has a full 360 degrees of vision and
movement within her virtual environment. The movement of arms and legs are made possible by hand and foot pads
which have sensors located in them that react to Noriko's movements. Weapons' systems are all voice activated, hence
the commands
"Buster Beam!" or "Buster Missile!"
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