Toys and Trading Cards
This page is devoted to some of the many toys, as well as a series of trading cards, which were produced from Top O
Nerae! Gunbuster
. While not complete, these come from my own personal collection.
Kaiyodo/Xebec Gunbuster Figure
Gunbuster Victory Action Figure
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo/Xebec
A rather interesting piece of Gunbuster merchandise
which is not very easy to find, but is rather affordable,
just under $20.00 US. The figure includes a set of extra
arms and hands and comes with some rather strange
weapons, such as the
Buster Tomahawk and the Buster
Home Run
, which are mentioned in the radio dramas.

Card  Action Figure  Accessories
Noriko Takaya Fashion Doll by Takara
Yellow Submarine Noriko Takaya Fashion Doll
Manufacturer: Takara Co, LTD.
Produced in 1998 by Takara Co., LTD, this doll is about
one of the hardest
Gunbuster collectibles I have ever
tried getting my hands on. The one featured here is in
mint condition, with no scratches at all on the case.The
doll comes with a stand, tennis shoes, wristbands, and
her original Okinawa High School workout sweatshirt.

Doll Case
1/6 Noriko Takaya PVC Figure
1/6 Scale Noriko Takaya PVC Figure
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Recently released in July of 2004, this prepainted statue
is an exact copy of the resin cast kit which came out in
April of 2003. A reasonable facsimile for those fans with
neither modelling experience or patience to build figure
kits. Sale price is about $60 US dollars. This is a limited
production run figure. Buy one while you can.

Box Art  Figure
Aim for the Top! Carddass Masters Cards
Carddass Masters Top O Nerae! Trading
Manufacturer: Bandai   139 Total Cards
Trading card set released in 1998 consisting of 135
regular cards with 4 special foil type cards. Some of them
are like the old bubblegum cards which a certain number
are needed to complete a picture on the back. Can be
somewhat hard to find as a complete set unless you are
persistant. Especially the foil ones.

Box Art  Wrapper  Sample Cards
Kotobukiya One Coin Figures
Top O Nerae! One Coin Trading Figures
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya 9 Total Figures
Trading figure set just released in 2004 consisting of 6
regular figures and 3 secret figures. Each are about 3"
high and come with their own base. Regular figures
include: Noriko, Kazumi, Jung,
Sizzler Black, the
Gunbuster, and a RX-7 Noriko Version. The secret
figures are:
RX-7 Amano Version, Sizzler White, and
Sizzler Silver.

Box Art  Cover Art  Figure Collection
Kaiyodo/Xebec Gunbuster Figure (2005 Edition)
Gunbuster Action Figure (2005 Edition)
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo/Xebec
Kaiyodo's new figure based on a sculpt by Yamaguchi
Katsuhisa. This figure is fully articulated and smaller in
size compared to the older figure.  Limited run figure.

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Studio HalfEye Gunbuster Model
Gunbuster Perfect Change Model
Manufacturer: Studio HalfEye
This resin model has the distinction of being one of the
most expensive items ever produced of this series at
around $500 US dollars. The kit comes packaged as
Buster Machines 1 and 2, and can be combined to
create the full
Gunbuster robot. However, due to its size
(7" tall combined) the model is extremely fragile and one
mistake can spell doom for a collector who spent his hard
earned money for it. And while the kit does include a nice
collection of accessories as well as display stands
modelled after the
Exelion, it is recommended that the
collector leave the model in the box as is. In years to
come, this model will probably be highly sought after.

Box Art  Box Display  Accessories  Manual
Studio HalfEye Gunbuster Model
Soul of Chogokin GX-34 Gunbuster
Kaiyodo/Xebec Noriko Takaya Figure by BOME
Soul Of Chogokin GX-34 Gunbuster
Manufacturer: Bandai
This toy is a fully transformable and articulated figure of
surprisingly high quality and loaded with accessories.
While its cost was around $180.00 upon its initial
release, it was more affordable than Studio HalfEye's kit.

Box Front  Box Rear  Box Profile  Figure  Accessories
Monsieur BOME Noriko Takaya PVC Figure
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo/Xebec
This PVC figure is a smaller scale version of the original
resin kit sculpted by BOME and released by General
Products. The figure depicts Noriko in a very candid and
cheery pose, and affordable at around $30.00. The
figure is encased in a blister card as was Kaiyodo's
original Gunbuster figure for collectability.

Card  Front Profile  Rear Profile  Close-up
Gattai!! Special Edition Collectors Figures
Miracle GATTAI!! Noriko & Nono Figures
Manufacturer: Bandai
This special edition figure set was issued with the limited
edition North American DVD release of
Gunbuster vs
Diebuster Aim For The Top! The GATTAI!! Movie
as well
as its Japanese released counterpart. It features a
gashapon-sized Noriko and Nono sitting atop a facsimile
of the Earth.

Box Art Front  Figure Display
GUTTO&KURO Figure Collection #46 NORIKO TAKAYA
Manufacturer: CM's Corporation
At #46 in the collector's series, this Good & Cool figure is
fully articulated. This figure features five different facial
expressions and interchangeable tops so Noriko can
wear her battle uniform or her workout uniform. She also
has twelve interchangeable hands, and two different
headbands! A stand is also included.

Box  Figure  Action Pose  Accessories  Faces
Super Robot Chogokin No. 26 Gunbuster
Manufacturer: Bandai Spirits
This toy is a lower cost alternative to the now out of
production GX-34/GX-34R Soul of Chogokin Gunbuster
figures. Unlike those figures, this is one piece and does
not transform; but it is heavily articulated and comes with
plenty of accessories.

Box Art   Figure 1   Figure 2   Figure 3   Figure 4
Super Robot Chogokin No. 26 Gunbuster
Soul Of Chogokin GX-34R Gunbuster
Soul Of Chogokin GX-34R Gunbuster "Buster
Gokin Color Version"
Manufacturer: Bandai Spirits
Identical to the original Soul of Chogokin GX-34
Gunbuster figure with the exception that it is all done in a
new paint scheme to better reflect what was seen in the
anime series by deepening the hue of the coloring with
the addition of the color purple. The orange and red
trimming are all done in metallic paint. All accessories are
identical to the original release.

Box Art   Figure 1   Figure 2   Figure 3   Figure 4
Soul Of Chogokin GX-34R Gunbuster
Revoltech Yamaguchi Series No. 101 Gunbuster
Revoltech Yamaguchi No. 101 Gunbuster
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Revoltech's release of the Gunbuster under the
Yamaguchi line is a moderately affordable collectible for
those who aren't able to obtain the more expensive
Chogokin releases. However, while this figure is
transformable, because of its size it does have its issues,
such as lack of posability and random parts popping off.

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