Supporting Characters
Smith Toren
Smith is an American military pilot from Amarillo, Texas assigned to the Top Squadron aboard the Cosmoship Exelion.
He befriends Noriko Takaya, who later realizes she is beginning to fall in love with him. Smith later teams up with Noriko
as an
RX-7 pair when Kazumi Amano drops her as her partner. Smith is killed during their first sortie together. Noriko is
utterly devastated, feeling that she was at fault for his death.
Tatsumi Tashiro
Captain Tatsumi Tashiro was the commanding officer of the Silver Star Space Station before receiving his commission
to command the
Exelion. Earth Defense Command was so impressed by Tashiro's capability as a leader, they handed
control of the
Eltreum to him when Earth launches it greatest offensive against the aliens.
Kimiko Higuchi (Akai)
(アカイ) ヒグチ・キミコ
Born on 10 June 2006 in Japan. Kimiko is Noriko's best friend at the Okinawa High School for Girls. She was a
freshman trainee on the
RX-7 Machine Weapon. When Noriko is chosen to go into space, Kimiko elects to drop out of
the military side of the school, favoring a normal life on Earth. She later marries and has a daughter named Takami.
While time has passed them by, Noriko and Kimiko remained very close friends.
Takami Akai
Born in 2029, Okinawa, Japan. Takami is the daughter of Kimiko Akai. She affectionately refers to Noriko as "Auntie
Noriko." She later joins the
Sizzler program at the Okinawa High School for Girls at 18, hoping to be a combat pilot also.
Her instructor turns out to be Kazumi Ota.
Reiko Kashiwara
Kashiwara is a senior at the Okinawa High School for Girls. Originally slated to be one of the school's top pilots selected
for military sevice, Kashiwara is stepped over in selection by Coach Ota in favor of Noriko. The jealous rage which
ensued forced Kashiwara to challenge Noriko to a duel. Noriko soundly defeated her. Kashiwara later became head
coach after Ota resigned to take command of the
Top Squadron when the Exelion left Earth. She was later promoted to
headmistress of the Girls' School when Kazumi Ota decided to remain behind on Earth.
Linda Yamamoto
Swedish combat pilot and wingman of Jung-Freud. Yamamoto was killed in 2032 by an alien drone during the Exelion's
return to Earth. She was piloting Noriko's RX-7 after hers developed a problem prior to launch against the enemy.
(Author's note:  Yamamoto's death is the only fatality shown throughout the entire series.)
Yuzo Takaya
Admiral Takaya was the father of Noriko Takaya and also the commander of Earth's flagship, the Luxion. Yuzo was
killed in an ambush at the Perseus Spiral Arm while exploring the constellation of Cygnus on 19 December 2015. Even
though he hardly ever saw Noriko, Yuzo always arrived to celebrate his daughter's birthday. Noriko loved him
immensely, and was heartbroken when he died. When Takaya's ship returned to Sol's system, Noriko's hopes of finding
him alive were dashed when she saw the bridge of his ship was gone.
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