Computer Software
On this page you will find computer software based upon Gunbuster's universe. Many of the games you see were based
on older operating platforms, such as Windows 95. A few of them are still playable if you have the required hardware
necessary to do so. Most of them are considered to be collector's items, and can be rather pricey if you finds them.
Typing Gunbuster
Typing Gunbuster
Published by: Gainax
Platform: PC Windows 95, 98 and ME
As Noriko Takaya, you strive to aim for the top to
become a top typist. As silly as this sounds, it is fun to
play. Still available, and it will work on Windows XP.

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PC Engine Volume 1
Top O Nerae! PC Engine Video Game Vol. 1
Published by: Riverhill Soft/Hudson Soft
Platform: PC Engine System
Digital comic which follows the first two episodes of the
series. Very well done by standards back then, with
voices being done by the original seiyuu.

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PC Engine Volume 2
Top O Nerae! PC Engine Video Game Vol. 2
Published by: Riverhill Soft/Hudson Soft
Platform: PC Engine System
A continuation of the game with improved graphics and
loaded with extras. Voices and songs by original seiyuu.
Game play has been improved also.

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CD-ROM Digital Book - Click this image to view the cover.
Top O Nerae! CD-ROM Illustrated Book
Published by Gainax
Platform: PC Windows 3.1, Windows 95 & Mac
A heavily illustrated CD featuring the voices of Noriko
Hidaka and Rei Sakuma. Features a slide show,
commentary, interactive Noriko dress-up doll, and more.
Collector's Discs - Click this image to see all 3 CD covers.
Top O Nerae! Collector's Disc
Published by: Gainax
Platform: PC Windows 95/98 & Macintosh
Three volume set which includes numerous images,
character info, production artwork, wallpapers, and
sound bites. Also includes the hard to find Windows 95
game Cyber School 3!
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