RX-7 Machine Weapon
マシーン兵器 RX-7
The RX-7 Machine Weapon was Earth's original mobile suit used for the defense of space fleets during the war prior to
the advancement of the
Gunbuster and its mass production model, the Sizzler. Tens of thousands of the machines were
built after the war began, seeing as how ground troops would need something to stand on equal ground with the alien
drones. However, the
RX-7 was a relatively weak weapon, as it was easily destroyed by the alien drones and plasma fire.
To reduce weight and to also increase mobility and combat effectiveness, the
RX-7 was not provided with any advanced
shielding of any kind, save for some heavy armor plating around the machine's midsection. This additional armor plating
did not add sufficient protection as it turned out, because alien drones were able to puncture the plating with their claws.
The RX-7's primary weapon was a lightning staff which carried enough of a punch to kill off the alien drones which it
would face in combat, but it proved to be rather ineffective against anything larger. In missions where fighting drones
would be secondary, the
RX-7 could be outfitted with a nuclear weapon used primarily to take out larger insect carrier
craft. The machine was also equipped with 2 razor sharp progressive knives which were sheathed within the left and right
forearms. At the time of development, there were plans to give the
RX-7 a standard issue firearm which was possibly a
hand held railgun system or energy weapon, but that idea was scrapped due to cost. The
RX-7 was also primarily carrier
based, meaning that with their engine packs they were able to launch from a deck catapult. This was a big advantage
seeing as how it was necessary to get the troops launched as quickly as possible to avoid numerous casualties on-deck.
The cockpit of the RX-7 proved to be very functional. It was located in the machine's midsection, right about where the
extra armor plating was added to protect the pilot. Sensors mounted in the head were attached to three monitors in the
cockpit which gave the pilot a decent view of his surroundings, but there were disadvatages as sight was limited only to
the front and sides. Changes made for the
Gunbuster would later be incorporated into the Sizzler series enabling full 360
degree vision. Movement of the arms and legs were made possible by foot pedals and control sticks used to move the
arms and hands. For those who were to pilot these machines, it could be a chore, as Noriko found out when first entering
the space academy for pilot training.
Although the RX-7 proved to be a valuable asset to the Space Defense Force, it was eventually fazed out circa 2032 after
Top Squadron was disbanded in favor of the newer Sizzler series of battlesuits. The Sizzler battlesuits were
considerably larger than the
RX-7, and more powerfully built. They were patterned off of the much larger Gunbuster and
mass produced for use in deep space as protection for the fleet. The
Sizzler series were a far cry more advanced than
their brethren, as weapons' systems had been upgraded and shielding added and improved. They also had an improved
powerplant and advanced combat computers. While they also had some of the same characteristics of the
weaponry such as particle beam weapons, the
Sizzler also retained the use of the old lightning staff used by the RX-7.
The image below is of a
Sizzler combat unit.
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