Koichiro Ota
Ota Koichiro
Lt. Commander Koichiro Ota was one of the few survivors of the Luxion disaster. He served as an officer aboard the ship
with Admiral Yuzo Takaya. When the
Luxion was attacked, Takaya sacrificed himself by having the seriously wounded
Ota placed into the only remaining seat on the ship's last life pod. Shortly thereafter, the aliens commenced their final

Upon returning to Earth, Ota was hospitalized for his injuries, in which he lost his right eye and the partial use of one of his
legs. He was unable to walk without a cane for support, but this did not stop him. Fully recovered from his wounds, Ota
threw himself into his work. In 2015 he became an instructor for the
Machine Weapon Junior Training Program. It was at
this school where he met Kazumi Amano.  He later became the head coach at the Okinawa High School for Girls in July of
2021, and began to teach combat tactics with the then state-of-the-art
RX-7 Machine Weapon. When he discovered that
Admiral Takaya's daughter, Noriko, had signed on as a pilot, Ota made it his personal mission to help transform the girl
into something which her father would be proud. It was also because of his service with Admiral Takaya which led Ota to
take the decision to make Noriko one of the pilots of the

Kazumi Amano was extremely angered by this, but her impassioned plea to find a more experienced pilot fell on deaf ears.
He knew Kazumi loved him, but he refused to acknowledge this due to the fact that he needed her to devote all her skills
in saving the Earth. When he later showed signs he was dying of space radiation poisoning, he tried to keep it hidden
from Kazumi, but she already suspected he was sick. He later married Kazumi after retiring from the Space Force.
Eventually weakening from the radiation induced cancer he was inflicted with, Ota passed away on 19 December 2033,
the same year of his marriage.
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