Born on 12 September 2004 in Soviet Russia. Jung was a member of the Soviet Space Force and the ace pilot of the
RX-7 Program. Her skills as a pilot were so greatly advanced that she was labelled a Space Pilot Genius among
her peers in the Communist government, and thus became a perfect choice to join the squadrons aboard the
Unlike most of her counterparts in the Soviet military, Jung was not as distrustful of those she met from outside of her
native country. Once she got to know someone, she was like an open book. And in a most un-Soviet manner she seemed
very personable and highly opinionated. She shared more with her Japanese counterparts than she realized. (Author's
note: At the time
Aim for the Top! Gunbuster  was released in Japan, the USSR was still in power. Communism in Russia
would not come to an end until December of 1991.)

When Jung first encountered Noriko and Kazumi, she was arrogant and superficial, boasting of how she was the superior
pilot while not actually coming out and saying it. Kazumi picked up on Jung's body language and verbal taunts and
accepted her challenge to a duel when flight training eventually began. As Jung's wingman Linda Yamamoto led a group
of decoys along the training course, she and Kazumi veered off course to test one another. Noriko followed suit. The duel
eventually ended in a stalemate when the combatants were trapped in a restricted area after Noriko set off an alarm

Feeling guilty about getting Kazumi and Noriko into trouble, Jung eventually aplologized and became fast friends with the
pair, while at the same time keeping a friendly rivalry going, for Jung also had intentions on winning the affections of
Coach Ota, as well as becoming a pilot of the
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