Episode One
Shock! Watashi to One-sama ga Pilot!?
(Shock! One-sama and I are Going to be Pilots Together?!)
Sixteen year-old Noriko Takaya had a dream. Ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to be a space pilot. This proved
to be even more of an obsession for her, once her father, Admiral Yuzo Takaya was killed in battle when his ship was
ambushed in the Perseus Spiral Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy near the vicinity of Cygnus. Noriko was just ten years old.
Seven years later, she decided to make her dreams come true and enrolled in the Okinawa Girls' Space Pilot High
School, where she would learn to be a pilot, along with other things necessary to achieving a sucessful military career.

However, Noriko was not very good at piloting the huge machines they used for training, the
RX-7 Machine Weapon. In
fact, she was downright clumsy, and often complained to her friend, Kimiko Higuchi, that she could not operate the
machine while viewing the monitor at the same time. It was during one training session that Kimiko told Noriko her life
would change. Hardly one to believe her friend's horoscopes, Noriko was surprised when the school's top pilot, Kazumi
Amano, interceded in an argument between Noriko and some other classmates. Noriko was stunned. Here was the
school's best student, talking to her as if they were old friends. Kazumi told Noriko that she needed to believe in herself, to
have confidence in what she did. Noriko said she would do just that, stars shining in her eyes.

Later on that day, while they were in a training session, Noriko had her first run-in with the school's new head coach,
Koichiro Ota. Not being able to keep her
RX-7 stable after Ota turned off power to the inertial balancers, he made Noriko
finish the session on foot. She was very embarrassed by this. She was even more embarrassed when she saw the list
Coach Ota posted announcing the pilot candidates for Japan. First was Kazumi Amano, and second: Noriko Takaya.

Noriko was disturbed at this news. She knew there were pilots better than her that could take her place. She even brought
this up to Coach Ota, with tears of frustration in her eyes. The other classmates tormented her, saying Noriko's selection
was due to her father's space service. They even nicknamed her
zenmetsu musume, the daughter of defeat. Ota ignored
her pleas and told her to focus herself on her training. He even showed Noriko why Kazumi was as good as she was. It
was all due to hard work, guts, and determination.

Determined not to let the spirit of her father down, Noriko began to train under the watchful eye of Coach Ota. She began
to improve, and was making remarkable progress. This did not go unnoticed. The school's resident bully, a senior named
Reiko Kashiwara, was highly jealous of Noriko's choice as a pilot. She stated that she should have been chosen.
Confronting Noriko in the showers, Kashiwara challenged her to a fight using
RX Trainers. Noriko accepted.

Things did not go as planned during the fight. Noriko was soundly getting the tar knocked out of her. Kazumi tried to have
the fight stopped, but Ota would not hear of it. Then, when all things seemed lost, Noriko turned off the monitor screen
and turned the tide of the battle. The last thing Kashiwara could remember was Noriko leaping into the air and pulling off
what no rookie student should have been able to do, the
Inazuma Kick combat attack. Soundly defeated, Kashiwara let
her anger at Noriko cool and finally accepted Noriko as a worthy pilot.

With her training completed, Kazumi and Noriko boarded a rocket plane bound for the
Silver Star Station in Earth's orbit.
Noriko's dream had been fulfilled. She was going to be a pilot.
To be continued...
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