On this page you will find a few items that I made which you can download for your computer. The first is a screensaver
which I made using a program by
Axialis Software. It's just a basic image based screensaver with a generic background,
and it will fit monitor resolutions from 800 x 600 to 1600 x 1200. The program is enclosed within a .zip file, so you will need
a program like WinZip or an equivalent to open it. To see a screenshot of the actual screensaver, click
The next two things to download are skins made for Winamp's media player. I made both of these to originally conform to
Winamp version 2.91, but have found out that they do work on their newest player, version 5.
8 (released 2018/19/10).
The only difference between the two players is that the original minibrowser window used with v2.91 will not show up on
v5.623. Both skins are pretty reliable and I have used them myself periodically. To download either one of these files, just
click on the corresponding image. The skin will automatically insert itself into Winamp's 'skins' folder when you open the
zip file containing the program.
Click image to download this skin.
Click image to download this skin.
This is a Microsoft Plus! desktop theme originally created for the Windows 95 operating system. While it did work with
with Windows 7, I haven't bothered to try it out on any Windows operating system greater than that
. The theme was
created by Happy Lil' Panda member NekoBus. Below is an image of what the colors of the theme are and what some of
the icons and pointers look like. Just click on the image if you want to download it.
Click on image to download theme package.
The final item I have for download is a bit of an oddity. It is a fun and easy game called KiSS, which is short for Kisekae
Set System
. This takes its name from the Japanese term kisekae ningyou, which basically means playing dress-up with
dolls. This particular doll is of Noriko Takaya, and there are a few costumes in which you can dress her up. However, in
order to play this game, you need to download a viewer which can read LZH files. I have uploaded the program to my
server and you can access it
HERE. You can also download it from Otaku World free of charge. To download the KiSS
doll, click on the image.
Click on this image to download.
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