Cosplay Uniforms and Clothing
This page is dedicated to fans of cosplay. Cosplay, for those who are new to anime, is a contraction of the words
'costume' and 'play'. The term was coined by Japanese fans of various media allowing them to dress up as their favorite
characters from anime, manga, or live action television and movies. It has become rather popular around the world as of
late, as more and more people become fans of Japanese entertainment. Each year, more people attend various anime
and science fiction conventions dressed as their favorite characters. They even have contests to see who has the best
made costumes, as well as the most atrocious. For some fans, the costumes themselves are considered to be great works
of art, and this is why I have decided to create this page.
Hilary and Ali
Ohayocon 2006
Photographs taken by Lionel Lum

This series of photos are some of the best I have ever seen featuring costumes made from designs featured in
I was pretty overwhelmed by the attention to detail put into them and the results were well worth it. When I corresponded
with the artists who designed the costumes, I was delighted to hear that they had used images from my site to help make
them. I was also happy to hear that with the amount of response they got at the convention, the costumes were well worth
the time it took to make them. As for who is who in the photos, Hilary is playing Noriko and Ali is playing Kazumi.
Miscellaneous Cosplay Uniforms
Other fan made costumes

This next set of images comes from sources across the internet where other fans have cosplayed as characters from
Gunbuster. I have also included a costume made by a fan in Japan which was auctioned off on Yahoo! Japan which I
currently own in my collection.
My personally owned Gunbuster costume.
Gunbuster Cosplay Uniform (Pre-Eltreum Era)
Manufacturer: Various/Fan Made
This last bit of memorabilia is a replica of the uniform
worn by Noriko and the other female combat pilots in
Gunbuster. Made by an anime fan in Japan, the costume
is very well made and quite sturdy. I managed to find it
for sale on
Yahoo! Japan and paid roughly $150 for it. I'm
such an
otaku I had to have it for my collection. Now if I
can only find the t-shirts...

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Jessica Roh
Anime Evolution 2010 (Vancouver BC, Canada)
Photographs by Pompay

This series of photos are another grouping of one of the best Noriko Takaya cosplay outfits I have seen outside of Japan.
A dedicated and hardcore
Gunbuster fan in her own right, Jessica was kind enough to allow me to post these images here
on my site. She is also very active at creating other cosplay outfits and they are quite good!
Cosplay Uniforms as Ecchi
The dark side of cosplay

This last group of images are taken of models wearing costumes of characters from Gunbuster. These are considered to
ecchi. Ecchi is an often used slang term in the Japanese language for erotic fantasy and sexual innuendoes. While not
showing any actual nudity or intercourse,
ecchi relies on the imagination of the viewer to make what they will of
provocative images or video. These images I came across completely by accident and felt that they should be part of my
site. Be warned though, some of these images may not be considered safe for work if you are using a computer to view
this site while on the job. In that case, get to work you lazy slacker and look at these when you get home.