The Science Lessons
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When Top O Nerae! was originally released on video tape back in 1988, the writers came up with a unique way of
explaining the physics of the
Gunbuster universe to its audience. These science lectures were given by super-deformed
versions of Noriko, Kazumi and Coach Ota, and done in such a way as to resemble what it would be like to view them in a
classroom setting. While a lot of the science was basically made up,
Gunbuster included many hard science fiction
elements, and even some real science fact, such as the effects of time dilation. There were four lessons included with the
first two volumes of the original release. Two more were added in Bandai's
Okaerinasai laserdisc boxed set giving the
series a complete lesson for each episode.
Science Lesson 1
"The Theory of Ether Space"
In this lesson, Noriko and Kazumi explain the
dynamics involoving the physics inherent in the
Gunbuster universe.
Science Lesson 2
"Starbows and the Rip Van Winkle Effect"
Noriko and Kazumi's continuation of their
physics lesson.
Science Lesson 3
"GUNBUSTER Question Box"
Noriko and Kazumi answer questions regarding
travelling faster than the speed of light and the
dynamics behind warp technology.
Science Lesson 4
"The Evil Space Monsters"
Noriko and Kazumi share their knowledge
about the Uchuu Kaijuu and the threat they
pose to the planet Earth.
Science Lesson 4+1
and Final
"The History of Space Ships"
"The True Sol System"
Noriko and Kazumi give a historical account of
mankind's progress in spacecraft design, as
well as a detailed lecture on the solar system in
Gunbuster's universe.
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