Kazumi Amano
Kazumi Amano
Born on 15 November 2004 in Tokyo, Japan. Kazumi Amano was already a senior at the Okinawa High School for Girls
when Coach Ota selected her as a pilot candidate for the
Gunbuster. She had previously demonstrated that she had
marvelous potential after volunteering to participate in the
Machine Weapon Junior Training Program in 2015.  The hard
work she put into honing her skills allowed her to claim the title of
Rose Queen, a title reserved only for the top female
pilots in Japan. And Kazumi was the best at what she did, as she demonstrated during numerous class training sessions.
It was during one of these training sessions where she met freshman Noriko Takaya.

Kazumi was shocked when she heard Noriko would be selected as her operating partner for the
Gunbuster. She felt that
Noriko should gain more experience, that picking a class freshman who could barely keep her
RX-7 Trainer on its feet for
actual combat duties was a fatal mistake. Coach Ota refused to listen to her and ordered Kazumi to continue working on
her own skills. This only fueled Kazumi's passions, for she also secretly harbored love for him. This later played out to
some certain extent by the heated arguments the pair had when Kazumi confronted him.

Kazumi later married Ota in 2033 when she returned from the mission in which the
Exelion was used to defeat the alien
armada beyond Earth's solar system. She then remained behind on Earth as the new head coach for the Girl's School,
picking up where her husband left off. In 2048 Kazumi accepted a promotion to colonel and returned to the Space Force to
pilot Earth's massive new weapon against the aliens: the
Black Hole Bomb.
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