Cel Gallery
At present, I now own four cels from Top O Nerae!, and I am proud to show them off here. Out of all the collectibles there
are regarding this series,
Gunbuster cels are my favorite and they are extremely hard to come by. They are even harder
to bid on if you are trying like hell to win one on an auction site. If you have the luck to come across some of them at a
anime convention or an online store, snatch them up if you can deal with the price. But be warned, some of these cels
can be rather expensive. My last cel cost me over $450, while the cheapest of the three was only $12! If you know of a
site that has cels for sale, and one of them is
Gunbuster related, please send me a message HERE.

To see a larger image of any of these cels, click on the thumbnail.
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