Printed Media
Film Comic 1
Film Comic 2
Top O Nerae! Gunbuster Film Comics
Published by Bandai
Comic version of Gunbuster using still images from
the actual anime as the art medium. Also includes
sections on characters and mecha. Very hard to
find and can also be expensive.

Volume One  Volume Two
Top O Nerae! Gunbuster Game Book
Published by Bandai
A small book containing details on how to play a
series of games involving characters from
Gunbuster. Also includes a bookmark. Not too hard
to find and is reasonably priced. In black and white.

Front Cover  Bookmark
Game Book
Comic Gunbuster 1
Comic Gunbuster 2
Cyber Comix Top O Nerae! Manga Special
Published by Bandai
Comic Gunbuster is a compilation of short stories in
comic form involving the main characters from
for the Top
. All stories take place between episodes
1 through 5. All in black and white. Very easy to find.

Volume One  Volume Two
Complete Gunbuster
Complete Gunbuster Art Book
Published by General Products
First artbook dedicated to Gunbuster. Contains
images of characters and mecha, as well as sketch
drawings from production. Very rare and can be
hard to find and expensive to purchase.

Front Cover
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Storyboard Collection for Top O Nerae!
Published by General Products
This six book set consists of the storyboards used
to produce Gunbuster. Each volume covers one
complete episode. The boxed set includes 8 cards
featuring conception art and a Mikimoto slipcover.

Cover Images:  
One  Two  Three  Four  Five  Six
Gunbuster Creations
Gunbuster Creations Art Book
Published by Movic Co. LTD
Another artbook based on the anime series
Gunbuster. Contains images and assorted artwork
in color and black and white. Very hard to find.

Front Cover
Novel 1
Novel 2
Top O Nerae! Gunbuster Novelization
Published by Keibunsha
Two paperback books containing all six episodes of
Gunbuster in a novelized form. Moderately easy to
find, but can be rather expensive. In Japanese only.

Volume One  Volume Two
Haruhiko Mikimoto Illustrations
Haruhiko Mikimoto Illustrations Artbook
Published by US Renditions/Books Nippan
English adaptation of the popular artbook originally
published in Japan by Movic Co. LTD. Features 96
pages of Mikimoto's various works with a section
devoted to
Gunbuster. Extremely rare.

Front Cover
Mikimoto Cel Works
Haruhiko Mikimoto Cel Works
Published by Animage Bunko (AM JuJu)
More Mikimoto artwork in a pocket sized edition.
Contains a good sized
Gunbuster section, as well
as artwork from
Macross, Orguss, Megazone 23
Gundam. Easy to find.

Front Cover
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Aim for the Top! Gunbuster Volume 1
Aim for the Top! Gunbuster Volume 3
Collection of Gunbuster Complete Art Book
Aim for the Top! Gunbuster
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
A readaptation of the original OVA in a 5 volume
manga set by Japanese author Kabocha. Basically
the same story, but with new situations, added
characters and more drama. Basically a reboot.

Vol. 1  Vol. 2  Vol. 3  Vol. 4  Vol. 5
The Collection of Gunbuster Complete Art
Published by Kadokawa Shoten
This book has information from both Gunbuster and
Included are character profiles, concept
designs, mecha
designs, weapons profiles, story
an image gallery, interviews, and more.

Front Cover