The Space Monsters
(Uchuu Kaijuu)
Gidodongas Trigonarius
The aliens in this series are a group of galactic insects which have been living in the Milky Way considerably longer than
humanity. Little is really known about them, other than the fact that they have targeted mankind for extermination. Recent
examinations by Earth's scientific community have led them to believe that the aliens are the only other sentient species in
the galaxy, possibly an antibody of sorts, used to cleanse the universe of infecting parasites, such as
Homo Sapiens. This
is merely speculation, of course.

What is known of their combat tactics is astounding. They have the ability to track and engage an enemy fleet while under
warp, which was once believed to be impossible. They also attack in enormous groups numbering in the billions. This
works to the advantage of the human military however, as they are able to destroy entire legions of drones with massive
volleys of cannon fire. The drones, which are relatively short-lived, are single-minded in their purpose. Once they leave
the host body, they do not stop until they destroy what they are sent after, or until they are killed.

Their reproductive methods are also noticeably disturbing. They procreate by laying their eggs into the nuclear heart of a
star. The eggs then use this energy to their advantage to reach maturity, whereupon they hatch and leave the nest. The
damage that is done to the star is noticeable, as it prematurely ages it. This was noted by Captain Tashiro of the
on her maiden voyage, as the star, Leif 64, was now a red giant. The star was originally a yellow G-class star. This is one
of the biggest concerns of Earth's Space Defense Force regarding this last fact. There would be no way Earth or her
population could survive if the aliens were to procreate by using Sol as their host.
The aliens come in many sizes, types, and configurations. In addition to the soldier-class drones, there are destroyers,
troop carriers, and motherships. They can also travel through warp, which has Earth scientists baffled due to the fact that
the alien vessels are known living entities. It has been speculated that the aliens share a special relationship with the
space around them which enables them to do this. Another theory is that they use devices much similar to what Mankind
uses, only they are cybernetically implanted at gestation by alien scientists. And while the alien drones employ the most
basic of assault weapons, the larger alien entities also have the ability to project plasma discharges as a form of energy
weapon against the human battleships and fighters. And others fire thorn-like projectiles which can pierce the hardest
armor found on Earth's most advanced ships and discharge hundreds of drones inside. The aliens also emit a protective
coloration within their carapaces, which does help disguise them out among the sea of stars they live in.

During the climactic battle at the center of the galaxy, the aliens were determined to destroy humanity off once and for all,
but they had been unknowingly lured into a trap. With help from the
Gunbuster, the alien menace was finally exterminated
by the use of Earth's new weapon,
Buster Machine 3, also known as the Black Hole Bomb. (*Note: With the release of
Aim for the Top! 2 in November of 2004, a bit of speculation has arisen. It was widely believed that Noriko and Kazumi
totally obliterated the alien threat at the end of episode 6 of
Aim for the Top!. But that now seems not to be the case, as
the aliens seemed to have survived. It will be interesting to see how they managed to do so.)
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